The Marquez Robotic Orthopedic Institute

Utilizes Smith & Nephew's

Navio System

Knee Replacements with Smart Instrumentation

  • Only targets diseases portion of the knee


  • A simple X-Ray can determine whether or not you are a candidate for this procedure. No CT Scan is required!

 Navio partial knee resurfacing is minimally invasive and performed by the surgeon controlling a hand held robotic controlled smart instrumentation. The use of this advanced technology enables more accurate resurfacing of the individual patient's diseased knee for optimal positioning of implants and tissue balancing.

  • Optimal implant positioning and alignment are challenging


  • Less than 52,000 partial knee


  • Less invasive than a total knee replacement

Benefits of This New Technology

  • Navio is a minimally invasive procedure that results in shorter hospital stays


  • Patients experience minimal blood loss


  • Quicker Rehabilitation


  • Allows surgeon to accurately place implants

  • Minimal Scaring


  • Patients are able to return to an active lifestyle within weeks of the procedure


  • Robotic Assistance provides ultimate precision


  • Allows surgeon to customize planning for each patient

How does Navio achieve these Results?

The process starts by focusing on the patient and planning a procedure with your anatomy in mind. Rather than a time and radiation-intensive CT scan, the Navio approach involves only a simple x-ray before the surgeon uses advanced Navio planning software to tailor the surgery to your anatomy, align the implant and balance yoru knee.


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